A gem is a gift from nature to man. Man has been attracted to gems since ancient times and will continue to do so in the future. Gems not only adorn the body as ornaments but also prevent a variety of problems due to the effect of their divine power. 

Gems are made up of different chemical compounds. There are also differences in these gems found in different regions. The quality and price of gems vary according to the color, hardness, aura and transparency of the gem.

This is done based on Vedic techniques and scriptures.

Indian Vedic astrology has a strong connection with gems which are believed to be even more effective than the planets. Our Gemstone Advisor in Pune uses these gems to get relief from many problems such as black magic, evil eyes, etc.

Gems act according to the movements of various planets and increase the positive effects on human beings or reduce negative impacts if any. They provide numerous benefits in the business, profession, or personal life when worn as per the birth chart during certain periods and times. T

In Vedic astrology, it is believed that wearing gems is a part of religious practice. They are also worshipped as gods. Gems are used for worshipping and performing religious practices like yagya and hawan etc.

Gems should be worn only after knowing their positive effects otherwise they will not produce any effect on the individual’s horoscope or birth chart. Some people need gems for business or profession while some other use them for personal to have a successful life with the favor of God. You should avail of our Gemology Services in Pune that will help you choose the best gem for you.

A diamond is the most effective gem and it possesses a very strong impact on human beings. It is believed to provide relief from all kinds of problems.

Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, Topaz, pearl are also considered very effective in different cases. They can be worn as per requirements for specific benefits.

The results produced by wearing gems depend upon various factors such as planets in your horoscope or birth chart, yogyas performed at specified times using astrology, etc., diet plans followed daily, and the routine activities are done regularly like walking or exercise, etc.

It is advised that you should wear gems only after consulting an experienced Top Gemologist in Pune. This practice will not only provide you with success but also save you from many problems.

Gems are never worn by knowing birth sign. After examining the individual horoscope, we can know exactly which gemstone to wear. 

To know what gems to wear for your bright future, please consult Shri. Gaurav Deshpande.