Palmistry is the science of telling future by studying hands. In marine science, the structure of the various organs such as the hands, feet, nose, eyes, etc., can be used to accurately predict a person’s temperament, future, positive and negative factors. Astrology also explains the method of preparing horoscopes from the palm of one’s hand. The future can be predicted based on the mountains on the hand, the color of the hand, the touch of the hand, the color of the nail, the texture of the hand, the signs on the hand, etc. This science, which was developed in India, later spread to western countries and was shed light on by scholars like Cheiro.


To unravel the mystery of your hands, do consult the Best Palmist in Pune Shri. Gaurav Deshpande.

Shri. Deshpande has fifteen years of professional experience in Palmistry & Face Reading and over a decade of teaching experience. His primary focus is on Palmistry and he has conducted many Palmistry workshops with people from various walks of life to make them learn Palmistry as an art. He loves research work and his area of interest is exploring the potentials in the field of Palmistry. In addition to Palmistry, he also consults clients on face reading and analyses their personality traits with reference to facial features like eyes, nose, lips, etc. To help him understand your needs better he gives references from astrology, numerology, and Vastu Shastra so that Palmistry may work better for you. He is the Palmistry Specialist in Pune that can provide the most accurate palm reading.

He is also a practicing astrologer and numerologist. He can provide services like collection of your birth details (date, time & place of birth) along with the name and date of birth of your four siblings to study individual horoscope charts and give Palmistry reading accordingly.

Palmistry is about studying the lines on palms based upon which one can make out the future prospects. Palm Reading is an observational science about examining palm lines. Palm Lines are formed as early as 4 months after conception before even the fingers have started developing. Palmists read these lines and derive Palmistry readings.

Palm Lines represent our life paths and experiences over a lifetime. According to Shri. Gaurav, each line tells you something important about yourself; your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes – even how you behave when under pressure! Best Palmistry Services in Pune can also be used for professional guidance.

Mankind has always preferred to build the future over uncertainty. Palmistry is a way to reduce uncertainty and bring some control over life's challenges.


Guidance on professional prosperity, career choice, career, marriage, health, offspring, etc. can be done through accurate hand examination. 

To unravel the mystery of your hands, do consult Shri. Gaurav Deshpande.